We are living an unprecedented situation where most of us are forced to stay at home, limited of our own human rights. However, we can consider ourselves lucky, we still have a roof that can provide us with one of the most basic need and right, we have something we can call home.


For hundreds of millions of children in the most fragile places in the world, this is not even an option. Whether if they live in conflict countries or just in countries where access to the essential services is limited, facing the COVID-19 situation has become critical and they don't have the response of occidental governments to fight back this pandemic.


UNICEF has been working in these countries for a long time to provide some healthcare, water, sanitation and access to learning and protection services for children in this situation, basically just to help them to survive. But this pandemic increases now the challenge for health, education and social protection systems that are already overwhelmed.


That's why UNICEF and partners are placed in the frontline, protecting and improving the lives of these children by giving them the essential needs such as water and food, medical facilities and the knowledge to avoid the spread of disease. Present in countries like Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Bangladesh or Yemen where the systems are barely collapsed, the outbreak of COVID-19 could make the situation even worst.


This pandemic has given us the possibility to prove what are we made of. We are defined by our acts, not by our words and it is in the worst moments when we really show ourselves.


From Oregon Hockey, we want to do whatever we can to help these helpless people as this is our moment to be the best we can. Like we always say, we can beat anything, but only if we do it together.


Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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