Oregon Family

Oregon was created in Brussels in 2015 by a passionate hockey player, Alaric Dekelver. An ambitious character who enjoys the great outdoors and natures beauty. He was positive something was missing within the hockey market. His dreams were to create a brand with a strong concept dear to his heart.  The Oregon hockey brand was born, inspired by the famous American state. 

Oregon focus on quality, durability and lifestyle  

Some famous international athletes are proud to represent our brand around the globe and convey our message amongst the hockey world. 

Now distributing in more than 15 countries, we strive to make the hockey world conscious. 

Oregon is more than a hockey brand, it's a family, it’s a mindset. 


    Our products are made using elite materials creating a durable product with a
    stylistic finish. We have researched all areas to create the most efficient range


    Oregon Hockey is a ‘lifestyle’ brand. All our products are designed with a
    contemporary approach meaning they stand out from the crowd on and off the pitch.


    At Oregon, durability has become a part of everything we do. We are conscious of the world we live in. Using ecological products, taking actions to reduce our footprint, repairing damaged goods in a factory in France to growing the game in countries such as Burkina Faso and Madagascar by donating unsold stock is a part of our durable program


    Listening is key. Oregon Hockey are an open to advice and suggestions from
    players. You are the most important commodity to our brand.

  • Share

    Oregon program insureswe share our used and unsold products in poor areas to develop the sport. From Burkina Faso to Madagascar, we want to share a bit of happiness to the people in need through our passion for field hockey. Seeing big smiles on kid's faces is priceless !

  • Recycle

    Oregon continuously works together with a specialized company in order to be able to recycle the composite fibers of a broken stick. The long term goal is to try to have a circular economy where broken composite fibers would be reinjected in a new cycle of production. We are working hard close to this company to be able to achieve our final goal. 

  • Preserve

    We try to preserve our home planet with small actions. Try to ban plastics, make some durable products with the best materials, use recycled cardboard boxes are part of what we are doing everyday. Each year, we try to reduce our footprint in every actions we do even if it is not always easy. It's a challenge we love to take up each year.