Size guide for sticks

1. How to choose your size ?



2. How to choose your bow ?


3. How to choose your stick composition ?


Components properties : 

CARBON : Stiffness, durability, power, and very high strength to weight ratio allowing for    a high performance light weight hockey stick.

ARAMID : Light weight and has excellent anti abrasion properties and is used on the heal of the hockey stick to prevent quick wear down from use. Aramide fibres in the shaft also enhance vibration dampening.

GLASS FIBER : Flexibility, enhanced impact resistance, lower shock due to poor conductivity and allows for flexible rice structures

For children, you should opt for a Monkey serie. With his glassfiber and 10% carbon, the stick is perfectly made for kids. 

For a beginners, you should choose a serie 03 stick. With 50% carbon, this stick is perfect for the sensations of the ball and the rigidity has been carefully studied for players who want to start. 

For intermediate players, you should opt for a 02 or 01 serie stick. These sticks, containing 70 or 90% carbon, have been made for players who are looking for strength, feel and light weight. 

For advanced players, you should choose the Xperience serie. With 100% carbon, this stick provide maximum rigidity combined to light weight. It will suit all experienced players. 


4. How to choose your balance and your weight ?


At Oregon, we choose to fix the balance of all the sticks around 390 mm and the weight around 535g. We believe that it is the perfect combination to get a well-balanced and light stick which will help you to perform.