Durable program


Our program are divided in 3 different topics : 


 Share : The Oregon program ensures we share our used and unsold products in less developed areas to develop our amazing sport. From Burkina Faso to Madagascar, we want to share our of happiness to the people in need through our passion for field hockey. Seeing big smiles on kid's faces is priceless !  


Recycle : Oregon continuously works together with a specialized company in order to be able to recycle the composite fibers of a broken stick. The long-term goal is to try to create a circular economy where broken composite fibers would be reinjected in a new cycle of production. We are working alongside this company to be able to achieve our final goal. 


Preserve : We try to preserve our Planet Earth through a variety of ways from big to small. Trying to use materials other than plastic, developing more durable products with the best materials, using recycled cardboard boxes are part of what we are doing everyday. Each year, we try to reduce our footprint in every area we can do, even when it is not always easy. It's a challenge we thrive upon


It's not about words, it's about actions.